I’m an IT Security expert with the specialization in web security and NFC solutions. I also do some backend development and system administration.


Malware analysis tools

NFC security

Conference talks

Publications (PL)

Past projects

  • Apartament4you - backend development and security audit; taking care of proper synchronization with external systems (like Booking.com);
  • Algochecker - the Docker-based online judge platform developed at the WUT’s Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology (WEiTI PW); currently used for organization of teaching (and sometimes for some competitions); source code available on GitHub;

Random code snippets

NFC stuff

  • ntag424-ev2-crypto - a crypto library to handle AuthenticateEV2, EV2 Secure Messaging, also features Leakage Resilient Primitive implementation (LRP encrypt, decrypt, CMAC)
  • ntag424-backend - exemplary Flask backend server for NTAG 424 DNA Secure Direct Messaging
  • avr-nfc-bootloader - NFC bootloader for ATmega microprocessors, implemented for MFRC522 NFC frontend, program can be flashed from Android application

Really random